November 9, 2008



You know it's going to be a good day when you get to sleep in and then, upon waking, start your day with pancakes. But when that kind of day evolves to  include a visit with some goats? Now that's a good day.

Kurt and I have made friends with the women at our bank (a little gift of homemade cookies a few weeks ago put us firmly in their good graces). Recently, we found out that two of them keep goats. The last time we were there to make a deposit, Lisa, who happens to live just down the road from us, invited us over for a visit with hers.
Maggie and Callie

This afternoon we met all six of Lisa's goats: Vernon, Stormy, Sweetie, Maggie and the babies, Callie and Randy. We were there for two hours, watching and petting and feeding. Maggie (the white one pictured above) ate out of my hand.  I've always had a thing for equine noses, but I think they've just been surpassed by goat lips.

As soon as my fence guy (yep, that'd be Kurt) has some time to put up some hog wire, I'm going to get some goat lips of my own. Just you wait.


Jessie Zenor said...

i want the little black one

Amy C Evans said...

Oh, the little black one, Callie, is the cutest thing you ever did see! They're all cute, but that one--oh, my.