September 2, 2008


What you'll need:
*pieces of meat plucked form the chicken salad your wife made
*pieces of red embroidery floss found in your father-in-law's tackle box
*one metal bucket
*a wife to carry your bait-filled bucket to the creek
*boiling water
*a hot skillet full of melted butter
*not a very big appetite


Anonymous said...

Yeah 2, we'd have gotten more out or eating the 'bait.' The crawfish were more fun to catch though, the chicken wasn't really a challenge ;) Thanks again for a great weekend...


ginger said...

I bet you would have gotten a bigger catch during "the season"! We had our last big boil in early June, I think, which is about as late as we can go. Does look good though. And glad you used a cast iron skillet, of course!

The pic of those red crawfish on that beautiful blue Fiesta dish is nice too.

I've been meaning to ask - have you been to the Christenberry exhibit at the Marie Buie museum?

Amy C Evans said...

thanks for the comment, ginger. no, i haven't been to the exhibit--yet. there's a reception on sunday and christenberry will be there, so i definitely plan to go to that. the work has sparked a lot of debate on campus, though, and they've scheduled an impressive number of lectures surrounding the exhibit. i've always loved christenberry's work and am so glad some of it has been here in oxford, if only for a little bit. i'm sure you saw his exhibit at the b'ham museum of art a few years ago. i cannot stop thinking about the photograph of the woman on a bench next to a mountain of egg carton flowers.