June 3, 2008


Also at the festival was Mrs. Armstrong of Centerville, Tennessee, and her fried pies. Mrs. Armstrong brought 600 of these beauties with her, and she sold the lot of them. I sampled (and shared) a coconut and a chocolate fried pie. I have to say, while I am a complete chocoholic, the coconut had me on my knees. That's coconut custard in there! Pure heaven. And lucky me, Mrs. Armstrong sells her pies on her website, Sweet Nothings Fried Pies.


Anonymous said...

Good fried pies are a tightrope walk. You're only inches away from disaster most times.

Hard not to make the greasy as hell or undercook them. Good on her if she's got it down.

Your pal, bitterman

Amy C Evans said...

you know, for all my love of all things pie, i've never fried one. i think the intimidation factor of the tightrope you describe has kept me from trying. but if i can master--okay, make a decent--tortilla, surely i can fry up a pie. i'll keep you posted.

sadie pink said...

Oh yeah, that look SOOOOO good!

Anonymous said...

Carolyn Armstrong makes about the best fried pie you can eat.
I sell about 80 every 2 days in my store.
I have an amsih coundty market in nolensville tennessee and they grab these like hotcakes.